2020 IEEE CAMA conference will take place at the Conference Center, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, France.

Address : 60 chemin des Sables, 06160 Juan-les-Pins

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.5683583 / Longitude : 7.115730900000017

The Antibes Juan-les-Pins Convention Centre marks the advent of a new generation of convention centers by proposing, beyond its original function, a set of services composed of a shopping gallery, restaurants and an underground parking lot.

Designed by architect Jean-Jacques Ory, this building with its elegant and harmonious lines, marked with boldness and modernity, shows a strong architectural landmark at the heart of the resort of Juan-les-Pins.

The Convention Centre is located at 150m from the sea, in the heart of a green path between the Gould Pine Grove and the Sidney Bechet square offering very attractive surroundings to the participants. The areas dedicated to the events are located on the 2 upper stories with a view over the sea. The Antibes Juan-les-Pins Convention Centre has a 500-seat amphitheater, 12 modular committee rooms, in the daylight, 1600 m² of exhibition space in daylight; 376 parking spaces, complemented by an adjoining another 347 spaces parking. It also includes a 7 500 m² commercial area dedicated to trades with high quality food offer, a gym and medium culture-oriented surfaces for leisure and personal goods. A panoramic dining area offers stunning views of the sea and the resort.

At a walking distance to many hotels and restaurants in Juan-les-Pins, the Convention Centre offers a performing working site, aesthetic and modern, with high-tech facilities.



Monumental lobby:• Private entrance reserved for the events of the Convention Center• Access to upper stories by stairs, escalators and elevators for persons with reduced mobility• Event reception desk equipped with a multi-desk reception, a cloakroom/ baggage room
and toilets • General sound proofing and centralized information video systems.• High Speed Wireless internet


Exhibition/Catering modular area of 1700 m² with capacity for: • An exhibition of 85 stands of 9 m²• Up to 1000 seated people• 1 to 3 plenary conference rooms up to 250 placesNatural light throughout the whole area


Convention area composed of:

• A 500 seat auditorium• 5 to 12 modular committee rooms• A 500 m² reception area with lounge and bar• A panoramic terrace overlooking the sea


Capacity:• 500 seats with retractable writing tables• Audiovisual control room (level 4)• 3 pre-equipped simultaneous translation cubicles• VIP and resting room for translators• 200m² stage• Dressing room• 1000 kg freight elevator with direct access to the stage 

LEVELS -1/0/1

Mall composed of 16 boutiques, a fitness center and a food court 

LEVELS -2/-3/-4

Underground parking lot with 376 spaces (complemented by a second adjacent parking lot of 350 spaces (Ambassadeur parking) 

Website: http://www.antibesjuanlespins-congres.com/